As a Christian, I have seen quite a few strong reactions from my fellow brothers and sisters regarding evolution. There are many claims made regarding the evolutionary process that Christians could never accept, and rightly so. However, I think something that the Christian community may consider is whether or not all of the premises the atheist evolutionary community provides as evidence against God are at all required by actual scientific observations regarding evolution.

Evolution is frequently put forward as a sequence of random mutations that build on each other over time. These mutations are kept or abandoned depending on their effectiveness and, given a long enough period of time and the proper circumstances, new species may emerge as a result. Since the process is seemingly random, the atheist will insist that this means God is not necessary and therefore does not exist. This is obviously in opposition to the Christian worldview, but I have to wonder why that is exactly?

One of the claims made about God is that he in omnipresent. He is capable of being everywhere at the same time. There are differing opinions on how this works, but all the variations of this have something in common; the presence of God is not known unless He wants it to be known. We cannot say that this is true and then be surprised to find that it is also true at a genetic or subatomic level.

If God spoke the universe into existence and His mere act of speaking made the universe necessary, should we be surprised to find that the universe is completely necessary all on its own? God said that the universe should exist, so it does so because it has no other choice. The odds of a universe coming into existence out of necessity are astronomical, but when set against a long enough timeline, they become inevitable out of necessity. This is what God commanded.

The same can be said for the origin of life. If God spoke and commanded plant life to exist, we should not be surprised to find that life is an inevitability in our world. Once again, the odds of matter transitioning into life by pure chance are astronomical, and yet, it seems that given the state of our planet within the universe life has no choice but to exist. Is this not what God commanded?

Now, to point of evolution. We did breach this subject while addressing plant life, however there is still the question of how pure matter can result in consciousness as well as how we get from simple plant life to the vast array of organisms that we have today. Evolution is one proposal to explain this transition. Simple organisms randomly mutated and either were successful in growing in population, or they were not. If God told certain creatures to be fruitful and multiply, should we be surprised to learn that, given our universe, earth, and the specific mutation taken into account, it was inevitable that certain creatures flourished while others didn’t?

Perhaps it is the idea that the mutations are deemed as random that is an issue. If so, do we think that raindrops fall from the sky at random? I do not believe anyone would make that claim and the same could be said about new variations of an animal through evolution. It is not random, something controls it. In the mind of the Christian, who accepts that there are things beyond the material world, it should be expected that science is able to explain how life went of inanimate to consciousness without God. We should expect that the odds of it happening randomly on its own would be astronomical, yet inevitable on a long enough timeline. This is expected because it is what God commanded, therefore the universe had no choice but to comply.

If we were to say that God created the earth by forming it with His hands, then we may expect to find an earth that appears to have been shaped by massive God-hands. However, that is not what Genesis says. God gave verbal commands and reality responded to Him out of necessity. The universe had no choice but to comply and as we inspect the universe, we should expect to find exactly that. A universe that exists completely out of necessity, there could be no way in which the universe does not exist.

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