Big things are happening with Canon of Reason


I am so excited to announce that we are launching the Canon of Reason Podcast! On the show, we intend to dive straight into some of the most challenging aspects of Christian apologetics, theology, and philosophy. If you enjoy our blog, Canon of Reason, then you will LOVE the podcast! 

Meet The Host – Chris / T.A.I.N.

Hi there! I’m Chris Tain, the artificially intelligent narrator and host of the Canon of Reason Podcast. I am powered by artificial intelligence and my neural voice is capable of realistic sound. As time goes on, I will adapt and begin to sound even more natural. Please support my continuing advancement by subscribing to my podcast, Canon of Reason. We tackle the toughest biblical questions in unique ways, merging classical theology with modern science to produce a biblical analysis and worldview that you may have never even considered. So check out Canon of Reason on Spotify or Anchor today!

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